3 Excellent Types Of Carpet Repair That Can Leave Your Carpets Looking As Good As New

If your carpet has one problem or another and you fear that you are going to need to replace it, you should definitely look into repairing it first. Replacing all of your carpet can be quite expensive and should only be done once all repair options have been looked into. This article will discuss 3 excellent types of carpet repair that can make your carpet look as good as new. 


If a portion of your carpet is stained beyond repair, has a hole in it, or is otherwise severely damaged, then the best repair option for you may be patching your carpet. This is done by removing the portion of carpet that is stained and replacing it with a patch that is made of the same exact carpet. The patch is carefully measured and cut to fit in the removed section of carpet perfectly so there will be no overlapping or gaps showing the carpet pad. This patch is then going to be held in place with an adhesive that is attached to either the bottom of the patch of carpet or the carpet padding. Finally, the carpet is brushed in order to blend in with the other carpet and no one will ever know the difference. 


If you have noticed that your carpet is beginning to bunch up in certain areas this may be due to humidity in the room, improper use of the tact strip, improper initial carpet stretching, or some other unknown cause. These bunches either look like ripples or lumps in your carpet and are unsightly and irritating to walk on. The best way to solve this problem is to use a carpet stretcher to stretch your carpets. This is a device that is known as a knee kicker and has a grip on one end to grip the carpet and a pad on the other where your knee hits it. This pulls the carpet tight, effectively stretching it. 

Flood Repair 

If you have had a flood in an area of your home where your carpet is located, you will be happy to know that your carpet may still be able to be saved. During this repair your carpet will be pulled back and the carpeting pad will be removed and replaced. Any wood that is damaged beyond repair will be replaced as well. Your carpet is then pulled tight and put back into place once again. Since carpet generally does okay with being wet for a short period of time, replacing the pad will make it look and feel as good as new.