The Best Ways To Clean Your Travertine Floor Without Damaging It

Travertine is a commonly used stone when constructing tiles thanks to the beauty of the stone. However, stone can usually be difficult to clean thanks to its porous nature. Therefore, you will need to seal it to prevent it from staining or becoming damaged. However, the seal applied to the stone can make it more complicated to clean.

Protecting The Floor

Especially pay attention to areas where your travertine tile will receive a lot of traffic. Hallways and doorways need to be cleaned the most often. Placing doormats and runners over the tile will reduce the degree to which you need to clean your tiles. If you avoid wearing shoes around the house, there will be less cleaning that you need to do. Even if your travertine is sealed, the sealant can be worn away over time if you do not clean up spills quickly. Sauces and sodas need to be cleaned up very quickly.

Cleaning The Floor

Always dry clean your floor before washing it. Sweeping and vacuuming the floor will remove debris that could scratch or damage it. It is much harder to clean the floor if there is a lot of loose dirt, but you get your floor wet.

Certain cleaning chemicals can remove the seal from your travertine. This includes acidic cleaners, so stick with a neutral pH of 7 and clean water. Bleach, ammonia, vinegar, generic cleaners and degreasers are all bad choices.

Try to avoid using cleaners that include soap, because soap can leave streaks behind. An easier approach is to use a wet vacuum designed to be used on hard floors. Automatic scrubbers that come with disc brushes can clean the floor while causing no damage. One of the challenges of stone is that it can be soft, which is why you must be more gentle. If you do not have a wet vacuum, use a soft rag and warm water to clean up temporary spills. Use a cleaner intended for stones once a day or to clean up major messes.

Clean Certain Types Of Floors More Often

Some travertine is only partially filled. These options will be more likely to become dirty. As a result, they will need to be cleaned more frequently. Some tiles have grout that is only partially filled. As a result, there will be an area that is more likely to accumulate dirt and may need to be cleaned more often.

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