How To Help Your Elderly Parents With Their House Cleaning Needs

If your parents are elderly but they still want to maintain their independence by living in their own home, there are still big ways you can help them. The trick is in helping them know that they are not a burden to you. Show them that you delight in serving them as they have served you over the years. If you have decided to help your parents with their house cleaning needs, here are some ideas that might help  you to accomplish that goal.

Enlist Help - A great idea is to get your kids onboard so that they can help Grandma and Grandpa, too. Have a family meeting where you explain what you are trying to accomplish and ask your kids to help you. Make a chart or a list of chores that will need to be done and ask the kids to volunteer for the jobs that appeal to them the most. Another idea is to just make assignments. Even little kids can help. Pairing them with their older siblings or with parents will assure that the job gets done right. 

Pick A Day - Select one day out of the week to spend time cleaning. If your children are going to help, Saturday will be the best day, unless you think you can get the job done on a weekday evening. As you go from room to room, be sure to pay attention to detail. 

  • When you clean the kitchen, be sure to include the refrigerator on your list of things to do. Check to make sure that your parents don't have spoiled foods in the refrigerator.
  • Whoever is dusting the furniture in the living room, dining room and the family room should pay special attention to knickknacks and the tops of framed photographs and framed artwork.
  • If your kids are squeamish about doing toilets and other areas of the bathrooms, let them use rubber gloves. Don't let them use cleaning products that might have harmful chemicals in them.
  • If you are changing bed linens on cleaning day, be sure to wash your mother's favorite nightgown and your dad's favorite pajamas.
  • Save floors until all other chores have been done. That way you won't have to redo them if somebody tracks them or drops cleansing products on them.

At the end of each cleaning day take time to do something enjoyable as a family, and be sure to include your parents in the fun. If need be, talk to a house cleaning service for assistance.