Benefits Of Hiring A Cleaning Service After A Traumatic Event Happens In Your Home

If a traumatic event occurs in your home, such as cutting your hand while cooking or a child falling and cracking their head open, you have to work quickly to prevent blood from staining. Unfortunately, this can be a challenging task, in many different ways. Here are a few of the benefits of hiring a cleaning service to clean your home on your behalf. 

Time is Of the Essence When it Comes to Stains

Blood and bodily fluids can stain a variety of surfaces in your home, including carpet and grout. Properly cleaning these items as quickly as possible will help prevent staining. However, following a traumatic event, you may be at the hospital tending to the injured party or giving a witness statement, if the police become involved. An emergency cleaning service can come to your home anytime and work to quickly clean the bodily fluids and blood with professional cleaning products.

It Can be Emotionally Challenging to Clean

One of the biggest benefits to hiring a cleaning service to clean your home following a traumatic event is that you don't have to deal with the emotional aspects of cleaning the scene. Seeing the blood of your loved one in your home can be hard and overwhelming. If you witnessed your child fall, you may replay that image in your mind as you clean. Hiring a service to do the cleaning for you ensures you are not further traumatized from this event.

You May Not Realize How Extensively You Need to Clean

If your spouse cut his finger and bled on the carpet, you may clean the carpet until the blood has lifted and think you have effectively cleaned the affected area. What you may not realize is that there may be blood underneath the carpet, lying in the carpet padding. Often times, you can't see the full extent of blood and bodily fluids. A professional cleaner knows how to reach all affected areas and remove bodily fluids from these areas, ensuring your home is clean and sanitary.

Bodily Fluids Need to Be Properly Disposed Of  

The last benefit to hiring an emergency cleaning service is that they can properly dispose of hazardous materials and bodily fluids. Per federal regulations, all bodily fluids, including blood and tissue, are considered a biohazard. This is because you never know what infectious diseases a person may have. HIV and hepatitis are just two of the disease that can be transmitted via blood or bodily fluids. As such, these items need to be properly cleaned and disposed of to ensure no one can potentially become infected.

In order to dispose of biohazardous material, permits are needed. Obtaining these permits can be challenging if you do not have the skill set or knowledge on how to dispose of this material. And you can risk fines of anywhere from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars, based on the state you live in, if you dispose of this material in your regular trash. Letting an expert clean and dispose of this material is your best bet.

No one plans on a traumatic event occurring in their home. Unfortunately, the unexpected can sometimes occur. If a traumatic event has occurred in your home, hiring an emergency cleaning service (such as Service King) to clean up the scene can help prevent staining, minimize the emotional impact the experience has on you, and ensure that hazardous materials are properly removed.