Three Exterior Improvements That Reduce Static Pressure And Waterproofing Failure

If your home has exterior walls below the exterior grading level, waterproofing systems help protect your home from water damage. Static pressure can be a problem for your foundation, which is caused by water filtering through the ground and against the foundation of your home. To prevent failures, improvements can be done to reduce static pressure. Here are some exterior improvements that you may want to consider to protect your home from waterproofing failure: 

1. Designing Landscape Grading To Improve Watershed Drainage

Keeping water from draining against your foundation in the first place is one of the best improvements you can do. Evaluate your landscape grading and look for areas that may be a cause of problems. You can have the grading designed to improve watershed and keep watershed from draining to your foundation. This is an improvement that can greatly reduce static pressure that causes waterproofing failure.

2. Add Exterior Drainage Systems That Keep Water Away From Your Home

Grading improvements may not always be enough to keep water away from your home's foundation. Another solution to deal with watershed is to install and exterior drainage system for your home. This can be a system of gravel and drains that carry water away from your home. If you want to blend them into landscaping design, they can have a top layer of gravel that integrates into a flowerbed or garden path. These systems can also include a dry well to contain water that drains away from your home. 

3. Gutters And Other Improvements To Keep Water Runoff Away From The Foundation

Water runoff from your roof and other areas of your home can also contribute to static water pressure. To reduce these problems, have gutters added to contain roof drainage. You may want to consider other improvements, such as a porch covering that extends past the main foundation of your home. If you have gutters, consider adding drain pipes to carry water further away from your foundation. The less water that drains close to the foundation, the fewer problems you are likely to have with static pressure from ground water.

These are some improvements that you may want to consider for the exterior of your home to protect against waterproofing failure and water damage. If your home is being flooded due to waterproofing failure, contact an emergency water removal service (such as Walker's Carpet Care & Janitorial Services Inc) and talk with them about other things you can do to keep the water out of your home.