Summer Home With Laminate Flooring? How To Keep It Looking New

If you have a summer home with laminate flooring, you know how beautiful it is. It can make your flooring look like expensive hardwood, but at a much lower cost. Your laminate flooring can last between 15 and 30 years, but only if you take care of it properly. This includes cleaning and giving it the right maintenance. Below are some tips on how you can keep your laminate looking new.

Use a Damp Mop

You need to use a damp mop when you clean your floor. A wet saturated mop can warp or stain the floor if puddles of water sit on it. Dip your mop into the water and then wring it out, making sure you get all the water out of it that you can. It is now ready to mop your floor. You can use only plain water or you can use a gentle detergent. The most important thing is to not use any abrasive cleaning products, as they can put scratches on the floor.

When you finish mopping, dry the floor with a soft towel or cloth, making sure it is completely dry.

Remove Scuff Marks

Scuff marks are a common problem with laminate flooring. This happens by walking on the floor when wearing shoes. These scuffs are generally black. The easiest way to remove these scuff marks is to use an eraser like you used when you were in school. Rub the eraser over the scuff mark and gently rub over it to remove it.  

Use a Dust Mop

Once you get your laminate flooring clean, you need to sweep it at least once a day. Do not use a regular broom to do this, as it could scratch the floor. Instead, use a dust mop. These mops are much gentler and will not harm your floor. A regular broom will also leave particles on the floor, and will leave residue and streaks behind when you damp mop it.

If you want to use a vacuum cleaner on the floor, make sure it has an on and off brush roll button. It may also have a setting where you can set it for hard floors. Brush rolls will scratch and damage laminate flooring. Refer to your vacuum cleaner's user manual if you are not sure if it has these settings

You may want to consider hiring a cleaning service for your summer home cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ after having it closed for a long winter. They can go through the entire home to make sure everything is ready for you to move in.