Tips To Prevent Graffiti & How To Remove It With A Pressure Washer

Graffiti is a major problem for some business; in fact, some business may loose patrons because the graffiti can make people feel unsafe. Experts believe that if you see graffiti on your property, it best to remove it between 24 to 48 hours to deter further incidents. And you can do that with a good pressure washer. This guide will cover a few tips to prevent graffiti and show you how to use a pressure washer to remove it.

Tips To Prevent Graffiti

Consider some of the following preventative suggestions: 

  • Grow vines over your walls. This should make it harder to write on your walls.
  • Think about asking a graffiti artist to paint a mural to deter unwanted graffiti. 
  • Add some security cameras, and make sure they are visible, which could scare perpetrators off.
  • Install automatic lights that turn on when movement is detected because perpetrators do not want to be seen.
  • Add barriers, like fences, to make it more difficult for perpetrators to access your walls.

You can also talk to your local law enforcers to see if there are other things you can do to prevent graffiti.

Removing Graffiti With A Pressure Washer

Graffiti is usually written because the perpetrator wants to send a message and, just like any other advertiser, he or she wants the work to stand for a long time. This is probably the reason why removing graffiti as soon as you can is your best defense against these incidents. When you remove it consistently, they will probably look elsewhere.

The simplest and easiest way to use a pressure washer to remove graffiti is to use baking soda while sandblasting your wall with hot water. Just remember to exercise caution because the water will be very hot. But baking soda should work because it is abrasive and should remove surface paint. 

Another important thing to remember when you use baking soda is to make sure you control spillage, since baking soda has a neutral pH value. This neutral pH value could disturb your plants should you have some around your property. It is also important to control spillage because the water is going to be contaminated with paint, which could have all kinds of toxins. You could possibly get in trouble if you let this contaminated water leak into the city's drainage system.

You can also talk to a professional pressure washer like one from Environmental Cleaning Systems to have him or her deal with this problem if you do not feel like you want to bother with this task; just remember that quick removal is of the utmost importance.