Three Questions To Ask When Hiring An Office Cleaner

Whether you run a small, medium or large business, your employees rely on you to provide a clean and tidy work environment. The best way to accomplish this goal is by hiring a reputable office cleaning service that can perform a wide variety of tasks to ensure that your workplace sparkles. It's beneficial to talk to other business owners in your community to obtain recommendations about which cleaning services they use. Once you've made a short list, you can call each service to find out its rates, determine the specific tasks it will perform and ask some questions. Here are three that are important to pose.

Do You Work On Evenings And Weekends?

While many office-cleaning services visit the workplace during working hours, doing so can be a little disruptive to some offices. While you can expect the cleaning service's employees to go about their business quickly and professionally, the reality is that it's often preferable to have this work done when the office is empty or contains only a few staff members. Ascertain whether the cleaning service can perform its job overnight or on weekends and determine if there's an extra charge for cleaning during these off-hours. In many cases, you'll find that the extra charge is worthwhile so that your employees can show up in the morning with a clean office in which to work.

Do You Provide Secure Document Disposal?

A business of any type has documents of a secure nature, so it's important to ask if the cleaning service can handle secure document disposal. This is about more than just throwing out sensitive documents with the rest of the office's garbage; you need to hear a plan about using commercial shredders to deal with anything that is sensitive. While it's fine if the cleaning service doesn't perform this task, it's important to know so you can hire a document-shredding service or ask your employees to shred their own files.

How Many Visits Per Week Are Suitable For My Space?

You might not know exactly what it takes to get an office of your size clean, but the cleaning service should be able to tell you. After you've explained the basics of your workplace -- square footage, number of offices, number of washrooms, etc. -- ask about how many visits would likely be necessary. A cleaning service rep will evaluate the information you've provided and suggest a reasonable frequency for visiting. For example, if you have a high number of employees and relatively few washrooms, a weekly cleaning might not be enough.

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