Restaurant Tips: How To Prevent Mold In Air Ducts & Signs Of An Issue

The marking of a good restaurant is that you serve food that you would want to be served. That means the food will be delicious and free of contaminants. You probably do everything you can to keep your restaurant clean, but what about the areas that you cannot see, like the air ducts? Air ducts can get contaminated with mold. The following guide will teach you everything you need to know about mold and your air ducts. 

How Serious Is The Issue Of Unattended Air Ducts?

Recent finds reveal that some restaurants (among other issues like not sanitizing their work area) fail to check their air ducts as they should. The air duct was found to be contaminated with things like dust. But dust is not the only danger that could come from air ducts, because mold can find refuge there, too. 

When dust particles accumulate, they become dangerous because they can create a dust nest. This dust nest can hold scents and other food particles. The mixture of these particles, along with the natural humidity that occurs when you cook, can create the perfect environment for mold to grow. Mold spores can become airborne if you do not get rid of the mold quickly, which could end up contaminating your restaurant's food. 

There are two basic things that you can do to prevent this, which are:

  • Make sure you have your air duct specialist do some regular duct cleaning
  • Be sure that your air filters are replaced when your duct specialist recommends

Signs Of Mold In Your Air Ducts

One strong sign that your air ducts might be infected with mold is if you've never had your ducts inspected, so make sure you do that as soon as you can. The following signs may help you find out if you have this problem:

  • Visually inspect the entire air duct system as much as you can, and look for dark spots or areas that seem to have moisture on them
  • Inspect the air duct openings or air grills to see if there is severe dust accumulation
  • Open the vents to see if you see any dust; look for dust that looks especially fuzzy, or look for black and dark green spots
  • You can also go to your main furnace compartment to see if the motor or fan is infested with dust or fuzzy dust

As you can see, there is a lot you can do to prevent mold in your restaurant's air ducts and to protect your patrons from these dangerous airborne particles. Click here for more information on restaurant duct cleaning