Three Subjects To Discuss When You're Hiring Cleaners For Your Office

When you run a business, one of the things you'll need to do is hire a cleaning service to ensure that the office is clean and tidy for your employees and your customers who visit. Regardless of the nature of the business, it's easy to find a professional cleaning service that can take care of your needs. Whether you've received a recommendation from another business manager you know or you're simply calling a company based on reading online reviews, it's crucial to cover a few key topics and ensure they're addressed satisfactorily before you move forward and hire the organization. Here are three subjects that you should be sure to bring up and evaluate how the cleaning rep responds.

Cleaning Jobs

You want to hire a cleaning service that will perform every type of cleaning job your workplace needs -- the last thing you need is having to perform a duty or two yourself because the service doesn't take care of it. Make sure to get a rundown of what services are provided and evaluate this list against your needs. For example, the service should offer dusting, vacuuming, garbage removal, bathroom and kitchen cleaning and other related services. If you have any unique cleaning needs due to the nature of your business, be sure to discuss them and confirm that they'll be covered.

Cleaning Schedule

As someone who runs a business, it's important to schedule the cleaning crew to arrive with the correct frequency. You don't want to leave too long between cleaning visits and have the office messy, but you also don't want to schedule too-frequent cleanings that eat into your office budget. Talk about your office size and the size of your staff and ask the cleaning service how frequently the space should be cleaned for your specific situation. Finding this correct frequency is important to employee morale, as no one wants to come to work in a messy environment.

Office Disruption

It's ideal to hire a cleaning service that can perform after-hours visits. This way, the vacuuming and other activities won't be disruptive during the workday. Even if you have some staff members working into the evening or weekend, for example, minimal people will be inconvenienced by the cleaning. Ask the service about the hours that it works and the length of time that it takes to clean an office of your size. A service like Metro Building Services that will work around your schedule to keep you happy is one that you can feel comfortable hiring.