Keeping Your Pets And Your Carpet In Harmon

True pet lovers would probably install astroturf if that were the only practical flooring to have with animals in the home. Although wood floors and laminates offer some cleaning advantages when you have pets, carpeting can still work for you if you are careful with your carpet choice and maintenance.

Carpet Type

Keeping your carpet looking good is much easier when you choose the right carpet in the first place. If you have larger animals, you will need a higher fiber count to keep your carpet from becoming matted. You will also want something stain resistant, like a high-quality nylon carpet. Smaller animals don't need as dense of a carpet, so a polyester or olefin carpet of medium density should work fine for you.

Pause for Paws

One of the biggest carpet killers comes from pets coming in from outdoors. You can put down door mats, carpet remnants, and even plastic, but if your dog or cat has muddy paws, they will still find a way to track it onto your prized carpet. Try keeping a towel by the back door and wipe off their paws before they can come in. Although they will likely protest this action at first, they will learn to allow it if you insist. After all, they want to come in where it is warm and dry.


Even the most well-trained pets are going to have accidents from time to time. Urine stains can be challenging enough but the other, solid type is often much worse. Experts recommend that you "go natural" to fight these stains. First, feed your dog foods that have no artificial colors in them. These additives can make an accident a multi-colored nightmare that is difficult to remove from your carpet. When you discover a mess on your floor, try using a natural enzyme product on it to save your carpet fibers from unnecessary wear. Also, schedule regular whole-house carpet steam cleaning from a professional service once or twice a year because, even if you are diligent, you can't catch every pet accident.

Pets are always going to be a bit hard on your carpeting, but you can find a way to balance their needs with the preservation of your flooring. Choose a good pet-resistant carpet type and then take steps to keep it properly maintained. Although your carpets would be easier to keep clean without pets around, your life would be much less fulfilling. So keep your beloved animals and work a little harder on maintaining your carpet.