4 Reasons To Get House Cleaning Services Before Putting In Your 30-Day Notice

After living in an apartment for a year or longer, you have probably forgot about your security deposit. However, even if you do not need the money, this does not mean that you should skip out on being a good tenant. It is smart to get house cleaning services before you begin the process of moving out.

Ensure a Positive Pre-Move-Out Inspection

Although it is not required for a landlord to check out the property after you put in your 30-day notice, you should make use of this opportunity. Your landlord can provide you with detailed information on what you need to do to get all of your security deposit back. Getting house cleaning services beforehand will almost guarantee a positive inspection, which you can then transition to the move-out inspection.

Help Your Landlord Rent the Property

If you do not intend on staying for all of the final 30 days, you may want to help your landlord with renting out the property. With a clean property, it will be easier for them to take appealing photos. If the property gets rented out before your 30 days is up, you can get reimbursed for the days that it is occupied.

Avoid Overpaying for Cleaning Services

If you decide to let your landlord do the cleaning, they may end up hiring an expensive professional. This will not affect them in any way as they will just take the money out of your security deposit. It is better for you to handle the cleaning as it allows you to control how much you spend on cleaning services. Also, you can supplement professional help with your own cleaning to avoid spending more than you want to.

Increase of Chances of a Positive Reference

If you intend on moving into another apartment, you should do everything you can to have a positive landlord reference on your next application. These references can make a huge difference in getting approved, especially when you are competing with numerous others for the same rental.

While you can simply keep your landlord's phone number on hand to put on an application, you will have even better results when you request a letter of recommendation from them.

Although you can get this service right before moving out, you might find it even more beneficial to do it before you put in your 30-day notice as it allows you to impress your landlord on multiple occasions. Contact a local cleaning company, such as People's Maintenance Company, to schedule your apartment's deep cleaning.