Getting Ready For Summer Pool Use? Clean The Area With Pressure Washing Services

If you live in a climate where it gets incredibly warm throughout summertime, your pool may become a main attraction on an annual basis. While you may maintain the pool and ensure it has the right chemicals throughout the year, you may not do much cleaning to the area during the off-season. Although you could spend a whole weekend getting the area ready for using the pool, you could also get power washing services.

Pool Cage

It is not uncommon for pool cages to develop mold on the framing, which is typically aluminum. Trying to clean it on your own is a major challenge because it is almost always in hard-to-reach areas. You could use a combination of bleach and water, but you may not have a strong enough hose to remove it entirely. Pressure washing will have more than enough pressure to remove mold from your pool cage. If it still requires applying some bleach to loosen up the mold, some of it may get into the pool. So, you will appreciate doing it early on to give yourself enough time to readjust the chemicals levels in the pool.


Similar to how mold growing on basement stairs can make them slippery to walk on, having a light layer of mold on the walkways leading to your pool can cause the same problem. It is important to provide your family and friends with a safe place to walk around when they use your pool. Pressure washing will also remove dirt, grime, and it can remove weeds that start growing in the cracks of walkways.

Pool Deck

With a pool cage around your pool area, it is easy for the space to stay relatively high in humidity. So, you will likely find mildew growth, especially in crevices and places that do not get much sun. While you can clean it all by hand, a pressure washer can do it in a fraction of the time. The material of the pool deck will determine how easily you can pressure wash the area as you do not want to cause any damage. With tile, the grout cannot handle much pressure, and brick can chip off with too much pressure. Opting for professional pressure washing will ensure that your pool deck is thoroughly cleaned without damage.

If you want your pool to be ready for swimming in the summer, you should definitely consider pressure washing services.