A Few Questions About Countertop Care Answered

Over the course of time, your stone countertops will gradually start to develop a number of issues and problems. Unfortunately, it may not always be very easy to repair these damages with patches. When your stone countertops have developed this type of damage, you may need to opt to have the countertop resurfaced. However, it can be difficult to decide to use this option when you are uninformed about it. By having the following stone resurfacing questions answered, you will find yourself better suited for handling this task.

Can Resurfacing Be Done To Change The Color Of Your Stone Countertops?

When you are having your stone countertops resurfaced, you may want to have the color of the stone changed. This can often be needed when you are remodeling the kitchen and want to ensure a unified color scheme. To this end, it is possible for your contractor to apply a special pigment that will help to alter the color of your countertops. Additionally, it is possible to have the texture of the countertop adjusted as well. These two options will help to ensure that your countertops have the exact look that you want.

What Happens During The Resurfacing Process?

During the resurfacing process, contractors will use special tools to help remove a thin layer from the stone. This will remove scratches and stains as well as previous sealants. Once this layer has been removed, a special resin is applied over the stone to give it the desired look. After several hours, the countertop will dry, and the project will be completed.

How Do You Care For Your Resurfaced Stone Countertops?

Fortunately, caring for recently resurfaced countertops is not much different than caring for your older countertops. Typically, the only real difference will be that you want to wait to wash the stone for several days to allow the resin to fully cure. After this time has passed, you will be able to wash and rinse the stone. However, you will want to avoid any cleaning solutions that are acidic or otherwise harsh as these substances may damage the new surface.

Stone resurfacing can be a task that many homeowners will need to have done to their stone countertops. Yet, it can be easy for individuals to be unsure about this type of project. For these homeowners, knowing that resurfacing can allow you to change the color or texture of the stone, how this process is done and the type of care new countertops will require can help to make the decision to have the work done easier for you to make. To learn more, contact a company like Marble Tec Systems