3 Problems with Your Vacuum Cleaner That You Could Probably Easily Fix

If you have spent a lot of money on a good vacuum cleaner, when it breaks, replacing it may be hard. It can also be costly to buy some of the newer bagless vacuum cleaners. The problem with your vacuum cleaner could be something as simple as a blown fuse or a broken component, so fixing the vacuum may be cheaper than buying a new one. Here are some of the problems that you may be having with your vacuum cleaner that can easily be fixed by an appliance-repair service.

1. Vacuum-Cleaner Belts That Break and Trigger Safety Mechanisms

One of the most common problems with conventional vacuum cleaners is the belt breaking, which causes the roller to not spin and reduces the effectiveness of the vacuum. With modern vacuum cleaners, there is often an additional security feature for broken belts. This is a shut-off relay that prevents that vacuum from coming on to prevent burning the motor or causing damage or injury due to the belt being broken.

2. Safety Mechanisms and Fuses That Stop Your Vacuum from Coming On

There are many different safety mechanisms on modern appliances, including vacuums. With the various designs of newer vacuums, these safety features can include relays that cut the power off to the vacuum when something breaks. This can be on motors, belts and other parts of the vacuum cleaner. It can sometimes be difficult to diagnose this problem, but a professional repair service will be able to quickly identify these problems and do the repairs that are needed.

3. Wiring Coming Loose from Years of Use and Pulling on a Long Cord

If you have had your vacuum for several years, the problem when it quits working can be something as simple as a few loose wires. This happens over the years as you pull on the cord. The wires can eventually work loose, and this can easily be fixed by installing a new cord on your vacuum. When you take your vacuum to a repair service to have the cord replaced, they can also look for any other repairs that need to be done to the wiring to ensure you vacuum works just as it has for the past years.

These are some problems that you may have with your vacuum cleaner that can easily be repaired. If you think that your vacuum is not working because of one of these issues, contact an appliance-repair service such as Everett Vacuum LLC and talk with them about fixing your vacuum cleaner.