Pool Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear

There's nothing more relaxing than floating around a crystal clear pool on a hot summer day. Now imagine that pool isn't exactly crystal clear - it's more like a sea-foam green color, that you can't see to the bottom of, with leaves and other debris floating across the top. That doesn't sound relaxing any longer, it sounds more like a great place for birds or possibly some fish. A pool should be clean and clear, without any debris. See below for tips to keep your pool clean.

Empty the Skimmer Basket

If the skimmer basket is too full, the skimmer can't do it's job collecting the debris floating around your pool. You'll end up with a lot of floating debris if your skimmer basket is too full. It can also cause a problem with your pump, as all of that debris can block water from getting to it, which can cause your pump to over-heat. Empty your skimmer basket each and every day. You'll be surprised at how much stuff can accumulate in it. 

Add the Proper Chemicals

Don't try to just add bleach to your pool and think that's how you clean it. You need to use the proper chemicals made for a swimming pool. Chlorine, shock, pH and stabilizer are all chemicals that your pool may need to keep it clear. Use a testing kit (you can find different styles, although the test strips that you dip into your pool are the easiest) to test the chemical levels in your pool. You can also take your water into your local pool store to have your water tested. Be sure when adding liquid chlorine or shock that you add it in the evening, as the sun can burn it off immediately.

Vacuum Often

Vacuum your swimming pool often to get rid of debris that settles to the bottom of you pool. Dust, dirt and other debris that settles can eventually stain the bottom of your pool or algae can grow at the bottom of your pool, eventually eating away your pool liner. Vacuum it every couple of days using either an automatic vacuum, or vacuuming it by hand with an extension pole and vacuum head.  Be sure to vacuum slowly if doing so by hand so you aren't just pushing the dirt/debris around, and it's actually getting sucked into the filter.

Skim the Surface

Although the skimmer will help get rid of debris floating around your pool, skimming the surface can get those tiny insects that aren't getting sucked into the skimmer. Using a handheld skimmer net can help get rid of that debris. Look for one that attaches to the extension pole to get across your pool easily.

Cleaning your pool is important to help ensure your pool water is crystal clear. Be sure to clean out the skimmer basket, test the water often, add only the proper chemicals and vacuum it regularly. Learn more by contacting a pool cleaning service.