Are You Remodeling Your Bathroom After A Flood? 3 Tips To Promote Better Air Quality When Your Family Suffers From Allergies

When your family suffers from allergies, a bathroom remodel is an effective way to eliminate areas that generate mold and other allergens. However, the process of tearing out plumbing fixtures, replacing waterlogged walls and breaking up tile generates more airborne pollutants that can make your family sick. Once you've picked out the perfect bathtub and tiles, you can then take these steps to make sure that allergens are kept down throughout the project.

Try to Limit Spreading Allergens

Your first step is to limit how much dust and mold spores get into the other parts of your home. Talk to the contractors about what they do to minimize the spread of allergens. For instance, you may choose to close and cover the air vents to the rest of your house. If the weather is comfortable, then you may temporarily turn off your HVAC unit while the remodelers do their work. Plastic sheeting hung at the doorway also helps to limit the spread of allergens through your house.You should also avoid going in an out of the work area as much as possible. If you have another bathroom, use that one until this one is fully remodeled.

Change Out Air Filters

The air filters that rest in the air intake vents and the HVAC units play a powerful role in helping to keep the air quality in your house safe. Once the remodeling work is complete, change the air filters even if it is not yet time to do so. Then, give them a good look. If you notice that they are dirtier than normal, then it's possible that the allergens have also infiltrated the air ducts.

Clean the Air Ducts Afterward

Air duct cleaning should be done about every three to five years for most residential homes. However, you should also know that cleaning the ducts after a remodel helps to remove potential allergens that developed specifically from the project. When you arrange for air duct cleaning, let the technician know that your family suffers from allergies and that a remodeling project was just completed. This way, they can use special cleaning techniques to make sure that allergy triggers such as dust and mold are removed.

Bathroom remodels require you to temporarily deal with a few inconveniences so that you can improve the overall air quality in your home. While you can expect some dust and dirt to go flying, you can now use these tips to minimize any potential impact on your home and family. Contact a service, like Terry's Cleaning, Restoration & water damage, for more help.