4 Tips To Prevent Recent Water Damage From Turning Into A Hazardous Mold Problem

Water damage can come from leaks, plumbing problems and natural disasters or flooding. Quickly dealing with water damage in your home could help prevent serious problems with hazardous mold and further damage to your home. Here are some tips to help prevent recent water damage from turning into serious problems with hazardous mold growth.

1. Begin Removing Standing Water and Sediments as Quickly as Possible

The standing water after a flood can harbor many organisms that are hazardous, which also includes mold spores. Therefore, it is important that you remove the standing water and sediments that have got in your home as quickly as possible. Use submersible pumps, syphon hoses, and any other tools you have available to get the water out and begin cleaning.

2. Removing Materials That Create an Environment for Mold Growth

Materials that absorb water because of the porous texture, also absorb organisms like mold spores. This means that it is important to remove any of these materials that have come in contact with the flood waters. Some of the materials that will need to be removed include floorings like carpets, drywall, and woodwork like cabinetry. Sometimes, materials like carpet and rugs may be saved by cleaning them.

3. Cleaning Damaged Areas Thoroughly With Antifungal Cleaning Products

Once you have removed the majority of the materials that may harbor mold spores and other organisms, you will be ready to begin cleaning. You want to clean every surface and between every crack with an antifungal treatment, which should be more than just chlorine bleach. Use a commercial antifungal cleaner that is formulated to kill mold spores and inhibit the growth of fungus.

4. Using the Best Methods to Dry Damaged Areas and Kill Any Mold Spores

The moisture that is left behind after flooding can cause serious problems with mold growth and rot of wood materials. It is important to thoroughly dry out your home to ensure all the moisture is removed. Properly drying your home will help kill off any mold spores and ensure that moisture does not get trapped in areas after repairs are done. You can rent equipment like industrial fans and gas heaters that will help dry your home out quickly and thoroughly.

These are some tips to help prevent water damage from turning into serious hazardous mold problems. If you have carpet flooring or rugs you want to save after a flood, contact a professional carpet cleaning service like M W Carpet Cleaning Unlimited LLC for help.