Why Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Is Better for Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

It's important to clean the carpets in your home regularly to keep them smelling fresh and free from stains. However, you may wonder how you should go about cleaning your carpets. Although you can clean your carpets often yourself, it's a good practice to bring in a professional carpet cleaning service about once a year or so depending on how much foot traffic your carpets get and whether you have kids and pets in your home. Here's why professional cleaning is superior to DIY methods.

Commercial Equipment Is Better at Getting out Dirt

Commercial equipment is more powerful, so it can pull up dirt from deep in the carpet. Removing this dirt helps your carpet look clean, and it also protects the fibers from damage. Your carpet's manufacturer may require you to have professional cleaning on a regular schedule to keep from voiding the warranty. That's because removing grit and dirt protects the fibers. Grit is tiny, but it's sharp and when it's walked on, it can cut into the carpet fibers and cause the carpet to wear out faster. Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning keep dirt and grit out of your carpet so it looks nicer and has a longer life.

Professional Equipment Extracts Water Better

One drawback of using a rented carpet cleaner is that it is difficult to extract water from the carpet. Extraction depends on the power of the machine as well as the technique used. A commercial machine will extract so much water that the carpet is barely damp when the job is finished. When you use a rented machine, the carpet may be wet, and that means it will take a longer time to dry. You'll have to use fans to help it dry quickly, and you need to stay off the carpet until it's dry. If it doesn't dry out fast enough, mold may grow or the carpet may develop a musty, mildew odor.

A Carpet Cleaning Service Uses Effective Cleansers

Getting stains and pet odors out of your carpet can be complex, and if you use the wrong cleanser, you could damage your carpet or set the stain. A carpet cleaning service has the experience to know what type of cleansers to use with their machines to get rid of old stains when possible and to eliminate pet odors. In addition to using the right products on your carpet, the service also uses the best technique to get good results.

When you rent a machine, you have instructions to follow, but if you move the machine too fast or too slow, your results will vary. Also, you have to use just the right amount of the right kind of cleaning product. All of these variables involved in using a rented machine affect the results you might achieve. You could put in a full day of labor and be left with carpeting that is too wet and that still has deep dirt.

If you want a truly superior carpet cleaning, contact an experienced carpet cleaning service near you for the best results.