Making Office Changes? 3 Tips To Avoid Any Office Cleaning Issues

If you manage an office, you may find it easy to handle your responsibilities after falling into a daily and weekly routine in the workplace. When you are planning to make changes to the office, you may not expect to continue with the same cleaning routine and enjoy great results.

During and after making these changes, you should work with office cleaning professionals to avoid a situation in which your office does not get the cleaning that it needs. By maintaining a clean office, you will have an easier time maintaining excellent employee morale in the office.

Service Frequency

If you are making changes such as bringing new furniture into the office, you should inspect each piece to determine whether it will increase the difficulty of cleaning. For instance, some materials are more susceptible to dirt and grime buildup, which would require extra time with cleaning.

On the other hand, you will find that some materials come with reduced cleaning needs. This can happen when you switch from fabric to leather or faux leather because you will find it easier to wipe down any dirt that happens to get on the surface. Going from a fabric ottoman to a wood, metal, or glass coffee table in the lounge area will naturally reduce the office's cleaning needs.

Dates and Times

While some of the changes that you may be making involve switching out furniture, you may also be switching around work hours for everyone in the office. If you are interested in working extra hours, especially with those who are willing to come in early, stay late, or even show up on the weekend, you may not be able to stick to the same office cleaning schedule.

The best way to handle this situation is to make sure that none of your changes will affect office cleaners, because everyone will benefit when the office is empty during the cleaning.

Cleaning Requests

If you are going to be bringing in a number of new employees, you may realize that the office will receive a lot more foot traffic and general usage. This could encourage you to make several extra cleaning requests for the common areas to take care of any extra messes that may occur.

When you are willing to make adjustments to your janitorial cleaning services after making various changes throughout the office, you should be able to guarantee great results -- and satisfied employees.