The Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring Water Damage Restoration Contractors

What do you need to know before you hire a water damage restoration contractor? Even though you may need immediate help after water damage, you don't need to choose the first restoration contractor you find. Before you select a water damage professional, take a look at the questions to ask.

How Quickly Can the Contractor Respond to Damage?

The longer you wait for restoration help, the more serious the damage. Even though some of the moisture may dry on its own (or with your help), without professional restoration services, wood can rot, mold can grow, and other water-related issues can cause permanent problems.

In an emergency, you need a contractor who can respond immediately. If the restoration professional can't start the cleanup for days or longer, the damage can grow or spread. Ask the contractor about their typical response time and whether they offer 24-7 service hours.

What Types of Services Does the Contractor Offer?

Water can damage hard floors, carpets/rugs, plaster, drywall, furniture, appliances, and other parts of your home. A damage contractor should have the expertise, experience, and equipment necessary to restore the areas you need help with. Discuss general water removal services versus targeted or specialized options, such as rug restoration or mold remediation.

Who Performs the Restoration Services?

Even though the company's owner may have decades of experience in the restoration industry, the contractor's employees may be the ones to complete the services. If the contractor has employees who perform restorations, ask about the training and experience level of the technicians.

The technicians should have knowledge of the best water removal and restoration techniques and the ability to correctly use the equipment. They should also have any state-required licenses and meet industry training standards. Along with the experience the technicians come to the job with, the company should also provide them with professional development and other training.

Does the Contractor Have References?

Now that you know how quickly the contractor can respond to your call and what they offer, you need to make sure they can provide the quality service you expect. Ask your potential contractor for references from past customers or photos of past projects. References should contain specific details, and not anonymous, general accolades.

Avoid general online references from third-party websites. Even though some contractor or home improvement sites do provide useful (and real) reviews, it's preferable to get references directly from the water damage restoration company.