3 Ways Hood Cleaning Improves Your Kitchen's Working Environment

If you don't clean your kitchen's commercial hood regularly, then things can get pretty unpleasant. The hood will clog up with grease, its filters will start to block and its fans may stop working correctly.

This is a safety concern, and it also affects working conditions in your kitchen. If things get bad enough, then problems may even be noticeable in your restaurant.

However, if you have your hood cleaned, then you create a better working environment for your kitchen staff. How does this help?

1. Remove Fumes and Smoke

If your hood is clogged up with grease, then it will release fumes into your kitchen. It may even start to smoke when you use it.

These fumes and smoke are irritants. Your staff may suffer from a range of problems, from irritated eyes to coughs. Anyone with a breathing problem, such as asthma, may find it hard to breathe comfortably in this kind of atmosphere.

Plus, an excess of fumes and smoke also makes it hard for people to focus on their jobs. They may not always be able to see clearly.

After a professional cleaning, your hood should work like new again. It won't emit smoke or fumes, and the air in your kitchen should be cleaner and clearer.

2. Deal With Smells

Dirty kitchen hoods also start to smell pretty bad after a while. When you use them, the grease and dirt trapped in their parts heats up and starts to smell. These smells linger.

Nobody likes to work in a restaurant kitchen that smells of stale grease. The smell can even impact your staff's ability to taste the dishes they cook to check that they are OK.

Also, your staff won't be happy if the smell is bad enough to permeate into their clothes. If this happens, they'll take the smell with them wherever they go.

A regular cleaning prevents this problem. Your hood won't hang on to anything that will make bad smells in the first place.

3. Reduce Noise

A dirty hood doesn't just give off fumes and bad smells; it can also get noisy. For example, if your hood has fans, then stuck-on grease can start to cover their blades. This prevents the fans from running smoothly.

So, the blades may start to get noisier as they take on more deposits. This noise can make it more uncomfortable to work in your kitchen, and your staff may have to shout more to communicate.

After a clean, your fan's blades should be clear. They should go back to working quietly.

To find out more, contact your local restaurant hood cleaning service.