3 Things You Should Remember To Ask Your Cleaners To Tidy Up

As a small business owner, it's important to keep your workspace and any area where customers may frequent as clean and tidy as possible. While professional cleaners can help significantly to keep the area clean, there may be a few spots they forget. Here are areas you should ask your cleaning team to target, and how it will improve the ambiance of your office.  

1. Plants

Over time, the indoor plants in your office can accumulate dust and grime. In addition to making your office look dirty, indoor plants can't stay healthy if they are covered in dust. Over time, dust that gathers on leaves can block sunlight, which can ultimately kill the plant. However, house cleaners can gently dust the leaves off of your plants, helping the plant to look better and to stay healthier. Make sure any cleaning professional you work with has access to the appropriate plant cleaning products since you can purchase special spray-and-wipe cleaners designed just for plants. 

2. Reception Desk

Since reception desks can make a powerful first impression whenever anyone stops by your office, it's important to make sure the space is as clean and inviting as possible. Ask professional cleaners to wipe down the reception desk surface, as well as any vertical components or decorative finishes on the exterior of the desk. Ensure that the area in front of the reception desk, such as the carpeting that protects the ground in front of the area, is vacuumed carefully. 

3. Walls 

Ask cleaners to wipe down the walls of your business, especially in areas where people may touch the wall or doors. Walls in entryways, mudrooms, break rooms, and offices are particularly prone to grime and smudges on the walls, so ask them to wipe down those surfaces routinely. Talk with your cleaners to see which cleaners they are using, and try to stay away from anything that could scratch or dull paint finishes. Additionally, make sure professionals are using gentle cleaning tools, such as a microfiber cloth. 

Anytime you start working with professional office cleaning services, sit down with them to talk about what you are looking for. Make sure they have an accurate idea of what you expect and be honest with them if you need them to do a better job. Transparency is powerful, and it can help you to get on the same page as the people who work for you.