When Your New Apartment Doesn't Have A Washing Machine

Your new apartment might be fantastic, with everything you need—with one rather important exception. Not all apartments have a washing machine, or even space for one. Many apartment buildings obviously take this into consideration and have washers and dryers onsite. If so, problem solved. If not, then how the heck are you supposed to wash your clothes?


Laundromats provide a valuable service, but that value is severely diminished when there isn't one within walking distance. Even when there's a conveniently located laundromat, it's still a considerable chore. You have to transport your dirty clothes to their premises, wait until the washer has finished, and then put everything into a dryer before waiting for that to finish too. It's not even all that wise to leave your clothes in the machines while you run errands, since this poses a security risk. You might want to bring a book!

Family and Friends

If you have an obliging family or member nearby, you could conceivably use their washer. This is a pretty big favor to ask on an ongoing basis, though, because it will need to happen frequently. You should invest in a suitcase with wheels and a drying rack. You can wash your clothes at your family member or friend's place before transporting them home and hanging them on your own drying rack. This saves making multiple trips, and that suitcase with wheels makes it easier to carry a load of wet laundry. Still, it's hardly the most practical option.

A Portable Machine

You could invest in a portable washing machine. They're not particularly expensive and don't require dedicated plumbing. You should carefully read the fine print on your lease since a portable washing machine might not actually be permitted. It's a matter of the fee you pay for utilities because a portable washing machine will significantly increase your water consumption. Their compact size also means that they won't be able to accommodate larger items, such as bedding, and it's not as though you can get away with never washing these things.

A Laundry Service

Here's a convenient idea—is there a nearby drop-off laundry service? Obviously, there's a fee involved, but when you consider the amount of time and effort you need to invest to clean your clothes without your own washer, then that fee suddenly seems less important. You simply drop off your dirty clothes and pick them up later, all wonderfully clean, dry, and nicely folded. You'll never want to do your own laundry again.

The simple act of washing your clothes becomes complicated when your apartment doesn't have a washer, but it's a matter of working out the best solution, and that solution might be to have someone else do all the work.

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