4 Things to Expect When Having Your Home Deep Cleaned

Having your home deep cleaned is an excellent way to get everything spruced up at once without having to spend hours getting the job done yourself. You can have the cleaning work done while you are away from the home and then come back to a spic and span place to relax in. Here are a few things to expect when having your home deep cleaned.

An In-Home Inspection and Estimate

Before your service provider does any cleaning work inside your home, they will show up to complete an in-person inspection of each room of the house. They will identify the areas that require the most focus and coordinate with you to make a basic cleaning game plan for each room. They will provide you with a cleaning checklist that you can expect them to follow when they come back to complete the cleaning job. They should also provide you with a free estimate so that you can budget for the job accordingly.

Interior Cabinet and Closet Cleaning

Most people do not think about the condition of the insides of their cupboards, cabinets, and closets. When left unchecked, these spaces can become a source of foul odors and dust buildup. You can expect your service provider to get inside all your cabinets and closets and thoroughly clean all the nooks and crannies. Your interior cabinets and closets should be as clean as every other part of your home once the deep cleaning process has been completed.

Surface Disinfection

Clean tables and countertops are not good enough when paying for deep-cleaning services. In addition to making sure that your surfaces shine, your service provider should disinfect the surfaces so that they are safe enough to eat off. The disinfectant will not affect the look and feel of your surfaces, but it will help ensure that your family stays healthy. Just remember that you will have to disinfect the surfaces regularly after your deep cleaning session to keep the surfaces sterile as time goes on.

Floor Refinishing

Whether you have wood flooring, carpeting, tiles, or linoleum, your service provider should be able to refinish them for you so they look not only cleaner but also newer. Scratches can be taken out of the wood and linoleum. Carpets can be professionally steam cleaned. Damaged tiles can be replaced with new ones. You should not expect that the floors will be perfect when all is said and done, but the improvement should be immediately noticeable. 

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