Recommendations to Keep Your Office Environment Clean

Your office environment is a busy space where many people work together to perform office functions and make the business work. However, with all the work activity, you will need to handle cleaning and regular janitorial tasks to keep it clean and safe. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your office clean with the right strategy.

Sanitize Surfaces

Whether it is during flu season, allergy season, or during the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems there is always a reason that you will need to sanitize your office space. Germs can cause sickness and respiratory problems in your staff, and when you take a proactive approach to the fight against microbes, you can make the entire office healthier. Be sure you make sanitizing wipes and sprays available in your office for anyone to use throughout the workday. This is a great way to keep surfaces sanitized in addition to completing a regular sanitization rotation through the office. 

When you take some time to sanitize the office, wipe down some of the most commonly touched surfaces, including door handles, light switches, bathroom surfaces, keyboards and mouses, the areas in the break room, like the fridge door, microwave, and the sink faucet and knobs. As you take some time to sanitize surfaces, you stop the spread of a number of viruses and bacteria that would normally end up making one or more employees ill.

Clean Floors

The floors of your office are a surface that is going to get dirty on a regular basis with all the foot traffic that comes and goes through the space. Whether the floors are tile or hardwood floor, or they are carpeted, you need to keep them cleaned up to protect the interior surfaces and keep them looking nice. If, for example, you let the tile floors stay dirty and gritty from traffic, they will eventually become scratched and dull-looking so that they look dirty no matter how much you mop them. 

Use a dust mop and vacuum on hard floors and carpets to keep them cleaned regularly, depending on the amount of traffic. Then, look at hiring a professional cleaning service to clean the carpets with a steam cleaning system. These will remove stains and odors from the carpets as well as kill off any bacteria or viruses present. Make sure your professional service handles the cleaning appropriately, otherwise the floors may end up spotted and damaged and need more work to correct their condition and appearance.

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