Is Third Shift Factory Cleaning Easier Than Second Shift?

Janitorial cleaning during a factory's third shift tends to be easier since many times there are fewer workers or no workers at all to inhibit you. There are usually more second shift factory workers meaning more to clean up in communal areas like restrooms and locker rooms. Plus office personnel may work through evenings and everyone needs to eat and take breaks. It is tougher to work around full shifts and staggered lunch and break times.

Second Shift Janitorial Duties

Second shift generally runs from 3 pm to 11 pm depending on the factory. This isn't an exhaustive list, but daily second shift cleaning duties include:

  • Restrooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Emptying trash
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Disinfecting common-touch areas like doorknobs
  • Dusting offices
  • Wiping down desks

There are also weekly, quarterly, and as-needed tasks like stripping and waxing floors. As factories grow (or downsize) you may need to schedule special projects like cleaning construction areas within the factory. Then there is always the occasional cleaning on the factory floor after someone is treated for an injury. 

Third Shift Janitorial Duties

Third shift cleaning duties include all those duties falling on second shift. However, third shift may have fewer workers or no workers at all. This makes third shift tasks often easier to complete since there are fewer people to inhibit your cleaning duties. Here are some extra cleaning services that you may need to accomplish on third shift:

  • Minor repairs
  • Re-stocking restroom and cafeteria supplies
  • Inventory janitorial stock
  • Ready janitorial supplies for the next day
  • Wash interior windows
  • Paperwork as needed 

If your janitorial company isn't local, you may have to fax paperwork and inventory lists to wherever your company headquarters is. If third shift staff doesn't show up, there may be disciplinary paperwork as well. All take time away from physical cleaning schedules.

Drawbacks to Easier Cleaning Times

Third shift janitorial duties may allow for easier access to restrooms, offices, and the cafeteria, but one drawback is that the cleaning staff often works with a skeleton crew. Fewer janitors may mean extra individual duties per staffer. Third shift cleaning services may also have fewer supervisors available if something is needed quickly or if there is a question regarding cleaning duties.

Another drawback to third shift is that there may be adjustments to seasonal shutdowns or shift reductions during lean times. But there's usually plenty of time to prepare for such things. All-in-all, third shift janitorial services may still be easier due to fewer people to work around.

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