Signs Your Basement Needs Water Damage Recovery

If your basement has been damaged by water, then it may be in need of water damage recovery work. Unfortunately, unless you have a full basement you use all the time, you may be unaware of this restoration need until it's too late to do much, or until after the damage is done. Still, if you think your basement is in need of water damage recovery even if the water damage is older, call your residential water damage restoration company.

Here are signs your basement needs water damage recovery.

Your basement walls have lines on them

The lines you see on your basement walls may be water lines where water has since evaporated or sunk back into the earth. If the lines are vertical, they may be water drips or weeping walls, common to basements that have foundation issues. If the lines are vertical, then they may be caused by flood or other water damage that has risen in the walls. Feel your basement walls to see if they feel extra cold, clammy, or damp. If they do, then you will want to call a water damage recovery company to see if they can repair the damage.

Your basement smells damp, sour, musty, or moldy

Does your basement smell damp, sour, moldy, musty, or otherwise unclean? Depending on where the water damage is, you may have flooded out your floorboards, carpeting, walls, or even the pipes. A basement can be a prime area where mold and mildew can grow and it's hard to get rid of and contain, so call your water damage restoration specialist to see if they can help you get the cleaning you need to make your basement right again.

Your basement has water stains

Cement walls and floors may be more likely to show water stains than painted or finished walls and floors. That said, even finished floors and walls will show water stains if there is ongoing water damage in the room. Your basement should be treated by a water damage recovery specialist if you suspect there has been water damage to your floors or walls.

Before doing any residential water damage recovery, your water damage restoration specialist will inspect your basement to see where the water damage may be most severe. After checking for damage, they can begin work to make the basement sound again. Your costs will vary depending on several factors, including where you live, how bad the damage is, and other factors.

To have your home inspected, contact a water damage recovery service in your area such as Heaven Scent Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.